1. How do I submit my order?
  2. Your order process is started by submitting this order form and you have completed payment via credit card or paypal.


  1. What is the cost for design? (check with Richie)
  2. Semi custom is free, full-custom is $150-$300 depending on detail of the jersey. We can create a logo design for you for $100 -$150, depending on detailed



  1. Does my order have to be paid in full?
  2. Yes, your order must be paid in full.


  1. What is the order minimum?
  2. For all apparel items the minimum is 3 and for all accessories the minimum is 10.


  1. I’m ordering for men and women. Can I order a mix of both to meet the minimums?
  2. No, minimum quantities are calculated on a product-by-product basis. For example, on an order including both a men’s and women’s jersey, each have a minimum of 3 ( 3 men’s jerseys and 3 women’s jerseys)


  1. Can I add on orders after is submitted?
  2. Yes, but there is a possibility that there could be a delay to the process so please have complete information.


  1. Can I request a sample before confirming/submitting my order? (ASK TODD/GINA ABOUT THIS…I THINK WE SHOULD)
  2. Unfortunately, we do not provide a sample. You can always place the minimum order before placing a full team order.


  1. How long does it take to recieve my order?
  2. For full custom orders, the first design draft takes 3-5 business days and draft modifications 1-2 business days. For Semi-custom orders, the first design draft 1-2 business days and daft Modifications 1 business day. The product Manufacturing takes 10-14 days, and shipping as follows: USPS: 2-5 days, UPS Ground : 1-5 days depending on distance from California, UPS 2ndDay Air, and UPS Next Day Air


  1. Do you shop internationally?
  2. Yes. We are able to use usps or UPS.


  1. Will my order arrive in time for my specified event?
  2. If your order was placed before the specified lead time and we are made aware of the date on the form.


  1. Can I expedite my order? (TALK TO GINA AND TODD)
  2. 7 days from order placed?





  1. Who will design my apparel?
  2. One of our talented graphic designers will help bring your dream to life. We will accept outside design in the correct format.


  1. How long does it take to receive the first design proof?
  2. Please see answer above.


  1. How many rounds of revisions can I make?
  2. Three design proofs are included with each order. Additional proofing rounds cost $25 and will be invoiced with your order. Unfortunately, no revisions on outside design without a fee.


  1. What is the correct format to submit design?
  2. SVG, EPS, or Ai Files. These are considered vector artwork which is compromised of points, lines, and curves that are scalable without causing distortion, blurriness, or pixelation. You can covert other vector-based files e.g EPS or Ai into SVG using Adobe Illustrator or online conversation tools. Unsupported formats: .TIFF/ .JPEG/ .PSD/ .GIF / .BMP


  1. Where can I add my logo(s) (RICHIE)
  2. We do not want to limit the ideas of our customers, but there are some areas that aren’t possible for printing such as under the neck and cuff.


  1. Can I use a design on multiple styles.
  2. Yes you can.


Q.Can we have artwork crossover seam? RICHIE

  1. We cannot guarantee perfect alignment across panels.


  1. Can we provide live fonts with our artwork? RICHIE
  2. Unfortunately, no. Omit graphics sublimated on anything and trek logo


  1. Can I remove the wepnz logo?
  2. No. All Wepnz logo must be included in your design. You may however choose what color these are.


  1. Can I add sponsor logos?
  2. A complete list of sponsored logos must be submitted in the correct format (please see above).





  1. I have specific color requirements. Do you match colors or can you match our previous jersey colors? (RICHIE AND JERERMY)?
  2. We will do our best to match colors as long as you have the proper Pantone. Pantone description listed. Please be as specific as possible with the color or provide the Pantone code. We will match your PMS color within 10% margin.


  1. Will the colors on my computer match what is being printed?
  2. Not exactly. Often times there can be some differences between what is on-screen and what is printed on fabric. This is dependent on your computer screen’s display settings. In order to ensure you are choosing the most consistent color reference.




  1. What is the dye sublimation process?
  2. Dye sublimation is a printing process. Artwork is transferred directly to fabric using press. This permanently embeds the links into the fibers of the fabric. This is a simple and clean process that allows for multiple colors and detailed artwork with minimal restrictions.


  1. Why does my garment look different in person than on my computer?
  2. Often ties there can be some differences between what is seen on-screen and what is printed on fabric. This is dependent on your computer screen’s display settings which we do our best to account for.


  1. Can we align artwork across seams?
  2. We cannot guarantee that artwork will line up or align across seams.


  1. Will artwork look the same on all sizes?
  2. Our production team grades artwork to best match sizes requested. The standard procesure for matching artwork requires specific artwork created for each group sizes ranging from XS-M and another specific artwork that matches the sizes L-2XL. We specifically scale to size so that it will look best possible.