Baltimore Revo Tiger Stripe BMF Jersey


THE BMF Jersey is our newest creation in high end performance paintball jerseys. This jersey is optimal for Back, Middle, and Front players alike. It is loaded with features that combine to make the most functional, durable, and comfortable paintball jersey on the market. One feature you will enjoy that you have never seen anywhere else before is the collapsible floating chest panel. As its own separate panel, the padding collapses into one piece rather than bunch up once you move into the shooting position. The BMF also features different fabrics that are strategically placed in order to maximize fit, comfort, and ventilation. Forearm stretch panels and heavy duty impact fabric make the sleeves conform to your arms. Mesh venting on the shoulders, sides, and back panels facilitate the release of body heat. Like all Raza jerseys, the BMF is a broad canvas for creative design. Don't forget to personalize any jersey with your own name and number which is included on every BMF jersey.