Aftershock O.G. Faketree TMP Raza Pants


The Todd Martinez Pants or the TMP’s are the workhorse of the Raza Pants line. The current rendition is actually the fifth generation of the TMP which began development in 2007. Versatility is exemplified through the durability to withstand the the thick woods as well as long days of grinding on the turf. The TMP is the best value that you will find in a paintball pant. They are all business, no fluff. Oh yea, they are customizable too.

Features: Durable Denier Poly Fabrics, Ballistic Nylon Padded Knee, Ergonomic Flex Design, Rear Heat Ventilation, Dual Swab Pockets, Nylon Stretch Crotch Panel, Elastic-Drawstring Waistband with Belt Loops, Toggle-Lock Adjustable Bottoms, Starts at $100.