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Wepnz, For Your Greatest Victories

     This is me starting over again. Nunc Coepi. I love our community and all the opportunities that I have enjoyed because of our people. The mission statement for Raza Paintball was “Everyone Included.” Well I still want to share a piece of myself with everyone through but Wepnz is my new beginning with all the lessons learned and a fresh attitude.

      I don’t know what to tell you. I love sports, everything about games, players, and competition. I’ve been playing paintball since 1995. I grew up in the woods. I’ll play no matter how many people are on the field. I crave the moments. I believe in effort, preparation, and going harder than everyone else. I hate cheating. I value talent, history, and respect for the game. I prioritize communication, teamwork, and belief in excellence. I’m in the business of relationships. Business hasn’t always been perfect but you live and you learn. Life is hard. I care less about what we do and more about why we do it. Everyone makes mistakes. I just try to do things the right way. I make sure to tell myself to remember to be thankful for all my gifts and blessings. I think it is more important to give than to give back. Self praise is no praise. My favorite type of success is shared success. I am thankful for all of those who helped make me who I am today. 

      I have great people all around me and we want to help you, and be a part of your paintball life. I want you to enjoy paintball the way I always have. Wepnz will feature all of our custom soft goods, guns, and specialty items. You will also find your favorite player’s gear in our team store. In this blog I will share stories that I think you will enjoy. Follow @WEPNZ @razapaintball and @bigbonedbrigade for all the fun we have at work. Follow @razadesign for my personal madness. Be sure to check out the new as well. We are making it easier to get what you want. Thanks for reading. Let’s keep moving forward together. 

Todd Martinez 
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